Injured in an Auto Accident?

When you have been hurt in an accident, you need a Florida Auto Accident Attorney with experience to handle your personal injury lawsuit.

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The professionals at Andrew Stinnette Personal Injury Attorney understand what you’re going through, and have been handling personal injury cases serving Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, and the rest of the Tampa Bay area, helping auto accident victims receive the benefits they deserve. If you have questions about the worth of your insurance claim and how long it will take to get a fair settlement, an auto accident lawyer from Andrew Stinnette Attorneys will give you straight, simple answers about out-of-pocket expenses, medical payments coverage, property damage, and lost wages, as well as assist you in completing any necessary paperwork. Whether it’s receiving money for medical bills and car repairs or stepping in to deal with the insurance company, we’re here to help get you back on your feet


Auto accidents occur in seconds, and whether they are minor or major, they always leave us in a shaken state of confusion. Their life changing effects can stay with you for years to come. With millions of traffic injuries in the United States each year, not even the safest drivers are immune to a collision. The unfortunate reality is that even the most careful drivers can be sidelined by someone else’s recklessness on ​the road.

There are countless reasons car accidents occur, and sometimes the lines of responsibility can be blurred. Texting while driving, talking on the cell phone, tailgating, changing lanes too quickly, merging without signaling, a sense of over-confidence, speeding, and disobeying traffic signals are some of the most common causes of accident​s in the United States. Sometimes these things sneak up on us. Have you ever been driving to look down at your speedometer and realize you are speeding? Or have you answered the phone then missed your turn? In the blink of an eye, the conditions in front of us can change, and we must be alert of the responsibility and privilege that has been bestowed upon us driving a motor vehicle. We can be always aware of our surroundings, but because of unforeseen occurrences, or reckless tendencies of others, we must also be aware of our rights.


If you’re involved in an auto accident, you might instinctively find yourself trying to take part of the responsibility, perhaps second-guessing your driving decisions and attentiveness to the road. It is important, however, for you to realize how complex the circumstances surrounding an accident can be. There are likely several factors completely out of your control that have contributed to the collision. Negligent or irresponsible driving by another person, road construction, inadequate signage, poorly manufactured tires, defective roads, or equipment failure may all have played a role in the accident. Do not admit fault, or give a statement without first seeking the professional help of Andrew Stinnette Auto Accident Attorneys. If you have been involved in an accident, be sure to speak to an auto accident personal injury attorney as quickly as possible after the incident. Contact us within the first 72 hours of the incident, and find out how we can save you 10% on your legal fees! An experienced Clearwater auto accident lawyer can help insure that you do not bear the burden of an accident alone. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are involved in a car accident, you have the right, if not the obligation, to recover compensation from the at fault party.

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So What's Next?

What to do after your auto accident


No matter how minor your injuries may seem, it is very important to see a doctor after your auto accident. Not all injuries will be apparent immediately, and some symptoms may not appear for days or even weeks. Receiving the appropriate medical attention can help prevent any auto accident injuries from getting worse.


A strong auto accident claim clearly specifies the financial impact your auto accident has had on your life. Make sure to keep track of the following, any missed time from work, any rental car expenses, any medical bills associated with your auto accident, travel expenses to and from doctors’ visits, as well as any other expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your auto accident incident.


Immediately write down everything you can remember about your auto accident, as time passes, important details may become unclear. Make sure to gather any witness information, and draw a diagram of the accident scene. Pictures can also be a very important way to document the scene, surrounding obstructions, as well as conditions at the time of the accident. Also if possible make sure and take photographs of the damage to any cars that may have been involved in the auto accident, as well as the point of impact.


At Andrew Stinnette Auto Accident Attorneys, we are not afraid to tackle the task of fighting for your rights. We have a strong track record of success in our personal injury cases, and we fight to get our clients the due compensation they deserve. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!


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